River, Marine & Boats

We specialise in the archaeology of marine and freshwater zones. We operate in lake and river environments, including coastal and inter-tidal areas.

Ireland is unique in the extent of its interconnected waterways and coastal zones. The waterways have been used for over 10,000 years as a means of travel and communication (boats) and settlement (lake crannogs, harbours and weirs). They also provided exploitable resources, such as fish, shell fish, reed beds and wild fowl. The resulting archaeology has left imprints in freshwater and intertidal zones.

Gregory Archaeology are specialists in boat archaeology and are the only commercial archaeological experts in dugout boats or logboats in Ireland. As part of our dugout boat work, we assess the potential performance capabilities of these boats and provide accurate interpretations of their designs. Our unique expertise is built on nearly 30 years experience in examination, assessment and interpretation of dugout boats. We are the only organisation in Europe that has the ability to determine the performance capabilities of the original boats.

We have pioneered (in partnership with the Department of Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural and the Gaeltacht Affairs, the Department for Communities Northern Ireland, and Early Watercraft) the development of dugout boat recording techniques.

The recording template is available here as a free download:



Gregory Archaeology provides continuing professional development training to archaeologists in the academic, amateur, commercial and community sectors. We also provide programmes in dugout boat reconstruction and experimental archaeology. Currently Gregory Archaeology is completing a project on redesigning the classification system of dugout boats, in the European continent and elsewhere.

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