Infrastructural development such as road, electricity, water, fibre-optic, green-way and blue-way schemes are linear developments that can impinge on multiple environments in the same scheme. These include urban centres, greenfield sites, farmland, existing roads, uplands, wetlands, forestry or estuarine.

A scheme may involve a compulsory purchase order or at the very least, require careful and sensitive negotiation with land owners or businesses temporarily affected by the works.  Public consultation may also be required. Gregory Archaeology brings a wealth of experience to the minimisation of the resulting heritage impacts. We participate in public consultation and project manage the archaeology and heritage of land owners affected.

On behalf of our clients, Gregory Archaeology develops preferred route options as part of the planning mitigation processes and in conjunction with other disciplines drafts archaeological contracts. We also provide management and reviews of same for our clients and directly undertake all aspects of field or site archaeology involved.