We engage actively with community organisations. Community halls and centres located in older buildings may have built heritage status or be located in archaeological zones. Proposals to redevelop or extend them may result in archaeological or built heritage conditions specified by the local planning authority. Community organisations often initiate local heritage projects leading to similar requirements.

We develop archaeological and heritage packages unique to each site, and work with the specific requirements of each community’s or organisation’s needs, aspirations and goals. We frame each project within the funding and time constraints of each organisation.

Community groups often develop projects to showcase local heritage or archaeology. Gregory Archaeology engages with each community organisation to assist the organisation in the management of the identified heritage. We train and help community groups to develop skills in archaeological excavation, survey and research. Frequently this is a requirement to receive local, national or EU funding. Our work ensures that the community can become the effective owner / custodian of its heritage.

One of our flagship community projects has been Bonane Heritage Park, near Kenmare in Co. Kerry. The community established a council and through its work in partnership with Gregory Archaeology developed and opened Bonane Heritage Park. The council took full ownership of the project with Gregory Archaeology in a supervisory and guidance role. We assisted in the successful development of the Heritage Park, resulting in its becoming an award winning project.